Using Grow Lights to Increase Marijuana Buds

Using Grow Lights to Increase Marijuana Buds

The ultimate goal of every marijuana grower is better yields. By better yields, we mean bigger, better tasting and flavorful buds. However, the most effective way of enhancing bud size is through light – increasing the brightness. But how do you do that?

Of course, there are LED grow lights you can purchase to provide the right spectrum and intensity for healthy buds. In simpler terms, light merely is food for your marijuana plant.

Through photosynthesis, plants successfully convert light into energy that they require to get the buds and increase in size – as simple as it sounds.

After germination, your task should be to ensure that the plant has access to good quality light. By good quality, we mean light that is sufficiently intense to make your cannabis happy.

The further away the lights are to the marijuana bud, the less effective they may be. Having uneven height plants is not ideal as it may lead to concealing of some of the buds. Ideally, all your plants should be the same size for sufficient distribution of light.

How much Light is Sufficient?

To make sure that your cannabis will not suffer silently from heat stress, ensure that they are not feeling hot. So how do you do this? Well, it is as simple as holding out your hand at the top of the plants – it should not be hot.

But to be precise, you can make use of a digital thermometer. The right intensity of light at the right distance is all that the weed needs to produce the fat buds to make you proud.

The PAR Value

When shopping for grow lights, you will encounter such terms as micromoles – the PAR value. This is the unit of measurement for photosynthetic photon flux – the ability to encourage photosynthesis.

Natural light boasts a PAR value of between 1200 and 1600. An ideal grow light will not be far off. It must be between 800 and 1800 micromoles. Resist the urge to grab lights with a higher PAR as they may lead to stunted growth – counterproductive.

The Color

The primary goal is a light that maximizes photosynthesis – this is what a good light should do. This means a light with between six and nine varying wavelengths. If you get something less than six, then you are not on the right track – to tell you the truth.

More than nine is wastage of energy since the light will produce more photons than the plant will need. The result is more heat and reduced yields – a total wastage of resources.

LEDs that have an added advantage of emitting UV are better. UV helps in resin formation and keeps the pest and fungus at bay – killing two birds with one stone.

Pay for what you want to get

There are no bypasses when it comes to choosing LEDs for your cannabis. If you are serious about growing marijuana planting, then go for good quality LEDs such as the Blackdog. It will pay off enormous dividends in a couple of years.